HRPMO University is the result of professionals who have committed their time, effort and knowledge to its development because we believe a different kind of education is needed. We believe creating value requires the ability to successfully analyze how to improve operations and workflows, manage the projects and processes of change, and align the future state with the strategy of the organization. We believe that facilitating the interaction between people and transformation to successfully achieve the vision requires a group of critical competencies that should be integrated, pragmatic, and enterprise-oriented rather than fragmented, inconsistent, and theoretical. Our mission is to create that resource.

While all of our instructors have formal training, the majority of their skill has been developed in practice – “on the job” in projects, business initiatives, and transformations. We have purposefully partnered with instructors who bring lessons learned and best practice suggestions, and are practitioners with “application” experience rather than theoretical knowledge. We want to provide you the tools to “get it done.” We know that working in the field doesn’t always fit neatly in theory – solutions have to be adapted to achieve success. So our curriculum is built by practitioners who have applied these methodologies in their daily work. Then certified by professional certification authorities such as Project Management Institute, Society for Human Resources, Human Resources Certification Institute, WorldatWork and others. Our goal is to bring you education that is tried, tested, and certified to focus on successful application.

Our workshops are taught by practitioners who have implemented and used in daily operations the methods, tool and templates they share with you in their workshops. They bring to you real life examples of project leadership, challenges, managing without authority and competing for resources. Our goal is to EMPOWER YOU.

To that end, HRPMO University will always strive for continuous improvement, and never stop being a work in progress. Our Academic Council will always be looking at our educational offerings and curriculum, correlating it with the marketplace and the needs of business, and pruning or growing educational offerings to ensure we are on target and on demand. We intend to move and develop with you – supporting your professional path all along the way. Welcome to HRPMO University!