HRPMO specializes in managing HR projects and understands a key component of successful performance is the talent and resources available to plan and execute a project.

At HRPMO, we believe each project is somewhat unique – unique in scheduling, goals, software, operational impact, and resources. Often, the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for a successful project execution are unique to the project and not a part of internal competency sets. Project competencies tend to be more dynamic, short term, heavy intensity, and budgeted as part of project costs rather than operational expenses.

HRPMO’s network of professionals can augment your internal team’s skills on an interim basis to ensure success.  Our experience with HR and business transformation projects equips us with in depth knowledge of the specific knowledge, skills and competencies needed for successful project execution – based on the type of project.  Through our consultative approach, we develop a deep understanding of the skills needed and the skills available within your organization and work with you to provide the missing pieces to achieve your success.  Our goal is to integrate into your team to help ensure your project achieves the desired business objectives.

Below are examples of the various types of project talent that may be required and their frequency in a few examples of HR projects

Talent Benefits Open Enrollment HR Business Process Transformation Merger and Acquisition HR Technology
Program/Project Manager (PM)

Business Analyst (BA)

Design/Configuration Lead

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Data Conversion Lead

Change Management Lead

Communications Lead

Training Lead

Systems Integration

Project Coordinator

The size of the project team and its components depend on the type of project and its “scope” – or the breadth and length of the project. There are also projects – such as annual open enrollment for benefits – that may have components that do not change frequently but when they do, require a stronger project team. For example, if new software is implemented for open enrollment or a new benefit is added, the project team will require an enhanced skill set.

The mission of HRPMO is to EMPOWER PERFORMANCE and Talent is a key component of Performance. To support your project needs, HRPMO maintains a network of project professionals who bring recent, up to date expertise in a variety of skills, projects and software.

Through HRPMO Talent, HRPMO maintains a wide network of skilled professionals to meet your project needs. We can help you resource the best to build your team or bring the team to you and ensure you have the skills needed for a successful project.