HRIT Workforce Planning

Obtaining and retaining the skills and competencies needed to support HR technology are a blend of IT and HR in order to plan for the future of your HRIT needs.  You need to make thoughtful and valuable technology decisions to keep your organization moving forward – and you see a demand for HRIT services escalating while you try to balance the current skills and competencies of your HRIT workforce.  In this webinar, Kristie answers key questions around workforce planning needs in addition to reviewing HRL’s HRIT Workforce Planning Excellence Equation©.

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Listen in on the answers to the questions below and more:

  • What exactly is strategic HCM?
  • How do I define the “gap” between my current and future state?
  • What challenges will I encounter in the HRIT Workforce Planning process?
  • What symptoms would tell you that it’s time to do HRIT Workforce Planning?
  • How do you discover your customers’ needs?
  • What tools and / or methods do you use?
  • How important is it to do an HRIT roadmap before you do this type of planning?


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