The Shift to Strategic – How HR Professionals Can Go From Tactical to Strategic

Today’s Lunch Break goes beyond what you already know about strategic thinking – and focuses in on the application.  We all know the basics: that strategic thinking requires business knowledge, that you have to understand your organization’s strategy in order to be strategic, and strategic thinking is long-term.  But, our research revealed that there are different views on what strategic thinking actually is – but one thing is for sure – your organization is paying you to lend your intellectual capital to improve the business performance.  So whether you are improving it from a tactical perspective or a strategic perspective is up to you – they can both be valuable.  If you think about it, there is very little that you do that is pure – purely tactical or purely strategic.

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Watch today’s Lunch Break to listen in on the answers to the questions below.

  • Is there enough training / education to help you become a strategic thinker?
  • My current position does not “require” strategic thinking or decision making – does that mean I can’t be strategic?  When can you start being strategic?
  • Where in my career progression do I become strategic?
  • How will I know when I am starting to successfully think strategically?
  • What steps can I take to increase my strategic skills and thinking?
  • How will I recognize when I am thinking strategically?
  • How can I implement strategic thinking in my day to day HR role?  Tactical HR comes easy to me, but in order to develop and progress in my career I need to start applying a more strategic mindset in my day to day work.  I understand many strategic HR principles and how HR can assist my organization to become more effective.
  • How do I start / facilitate asking strategic questions with my management team?  In order to reach metrics of significance?
  • What kind of obstacles will I experience?  Internal?  External?  And how do I work around them?

Most importantly – start now in your approach and your thoughts.  Change takes time and practice.  Apply this thinking to every opportunity and over time, your understanding and perception will strengthen.  Your AHA! moment is on its way!


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Kristie Evans, CEO of HR Logistics, will explore the latest questions in the HR Technology industry.  Don’t miss out on valuable insight such as:
– How is consolidation impacting the HR Technology Market?
– How can you build a strategy around HR Technology when things seem to change so fast?
– What are the hottest trends in the media and are they realistically what buyers should be considering as next steps?HR Logistics was recently a featured presenter and exhibitor at this year’s IHRIM (International Association for Human Resource Information Management) 2012 Annual Conference in Chicago.  During the conference we had the privilege of talking with many HRIT practitioners (Managers, VPs, Analysts, Directors).  We answered their questions and shared our insight – and now we would like to pass that along to you.

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