What Does HR Innovation Look Like?

We’re all buzzing about innovation – the holy grail that creates a company that is a mover and shaker, a darling of Wall Street, game changer, the next “big thing”.  If HR were to step outside of itself and consider how we might create innovation inside of HR – what would that look like?

First – innovation starts with seeing an unsatisfied need.  What is the unsatisfied need of a company or organization?  If you ask that simple question about your environment – maybe you can identify how you can make a positive impact.  Maybe it’s with great talent.  Maybe it’s by improving cashflow.  Maybe it’s by reducing operational constraints.

What?  Operational constraints?  What could those possibly be?

Ask yourself – does your HR work only within the confines of rules, policies, and processes?  Or do you bend, shape and embrace adjustment where you can to make life easier for key elements of the organization?  Steve Jobs is often labeled a miserable leader – but whether you agree or disagree with that statement – there is no denying Apple is one of the most successful companies of our time.  What did HR at Apple do that was critical to the success of the organization and allowed Apple to survive and thrive in spite, or because of, of Steve Jobs?

What is your ability to innovate – to support growth and creativity in your environment? Ask yourself – how uncomfortable am I when I work?  If you are comfortable – you aren’t innovating.


Kristie Evans, CEO of HR Logistics (HRL), is a highly sought after management consultant, speaker and educator.  HRL helps our clients increase HR value by improving operational performance, aligning operational and business strategies, and increasing shareholder and customer value using business intelligence, technology, and analytics.

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