The mission of HRPMO is EMPOWERING PERFORMANCE of Human Resources, Human Capital Management, and Humans in Project Management.

Our 3-tiered approach is designed to

  • Facilitate knowledge transfer from practitioners with “application” experience and lessons learned through HRPMO University.
  • Find the talent and skills you need to build your team and ensure a successful project through HRPMO Talent.
  • Support your project execution with accountability, analysis, transparency, measurement, quality and governance through HRPMO as a Service – your Project Management partner that can provide as much – or as little – as you need to ensure success.

3 Tiered approach

HRPMO University

HRPMO practices knowledge transfer through HRPMO University. Our workshops are taught by practitioners who have implemented and used the methods, tool and templates they use in their workshops in day to day operations. They bring to you real life examples of project leadership, challenges, managing without authority and competing for resources. In addition, all of our education is certified by leading professional organizations to ensure we deliver content that is current and of most use to you. Plus you gain certification credits while increasing your skills and professional expertise.

HRPMO Talent

HRPMO knows HR projects and the skills and talent necessary to achieve success. If you need a specific skill set for your project – from project manager to communication or change management – HRPMO’s network of professionals can provide the strength in skills you need for success. We deeply understand the project work, which translates into recognition of the level of skills needed and the best resource.

HRPMO as a Service

HRPMO gets it done when your plate is too full. We know that sometimes there are too many projects at once, or your best personnel have moved on, or the skills you need just aren’t immediately available. When you find yourself in this position, HRPMO as a Service can step in and manage as much – or as little – of the entire project for you.

HRPMO as a Service

  • Provides a fixed fee price based on the scope of your project.
  • Structures payment based on delivery and approval of quality outcomes.
  • Provides strategic analysis at every phase to support best practices, strong project management, transparency and successful execution.
  • Establishes a standardized project management structure.
  • Helps you source talent needed for the team if necessary.
  • Manages the project from start to finish if desired – providing as much or as little project support as you require – using established business and project management methodologies.